“Geography is important because it’s the subject that links the world, history, citizenship, science and much, much more!” (Suzanne Ward)

At Wetherby we understand the vital role that boys of today will have in shaping our world in the future. By studying geography, Wetherby boys develop an understanding of places, patterns and processes that have shaped the world we live in today. They think deeply and critically about environmental issues that confront all of us.

The particular skills that they are encouraged to use in the study of geography are:

  • asking geographical questions
  • observing and recording information
  • analysing evidence and drawing conclusions
  • expressing a point of view about people, places and environments
  • using geographical vocabulary
  • using and understanding globes, maps and plans at a range of scales, and
  • identifying and describing places around the world.

Importantly, boys are encouraged to recognise how places have become the way they are
today and how they may change in the future.

In order that boys understand how geography fits into their broader studies at Wetherby, an
integrated approach is employed. Lessons have a strong computing element and many lessons
include the use of interactive websites, games and presentations. Strong links are also made to history, creative writing, comprehension and art. Concepts are taught through a hands on approach and boys are encouraged to make, design and explore ideas.

With a sound understanding of the United Kingdom, the wider world and the geographical
challenges we face today, we hope that Wetherby boys will go on to become good stewards of our world – the future is in their hands!