Matches are held between Wetherby School and other Preparatory Schools in and outside of London. Directions to most of these schools will be included in the letter from the Head of Sport.

Matches involving boys in Years 2 and 3 are usually held on a Tuesday or a Friday afternoon. If it is a home match, then the matches will take place at Westway Sports Centre.

It is an honour to be selected for a school team. All boys are expected to make themselves available to represent their school for all team fixtures detailed in the school calendar. If there are circumstances or events that prevent your child from representing the school in a match, then please let the Head of Sport know in advance of the match.

All boys are given the opportunity to represent their school in Years 2 and 3. Wetherby School tries to give as many boys as possible a chance to play in matches.

Timings and other necessary information are given on the team sheet which is sent out to parents via their son’s book bags in advance of each match. If arrangements for a match change or the match is cancelled due to poor weather conditions, then the school office will notify parents as early and as quickly as possible.